6 LGA Socket Functions on Intel Motherboard Processors

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The sockets on each computer processor are always different. It depends heavily on the type of processor as well as the type of series. This section needs to be known so that when you want to replace the processor on the PC already understand what type of socket is installed on the motherboard. Today’s popular processors are one of Intel’s proprietary processors.

Intel processors on the market have three types of motherboard sockets. The first is the LGA series, PGA Series, and BGA Series. LGA series is a type of Intel socket that is widely used by computers si Dunia. To find out what this Socket LGA does, here’s a review.


LGA Socket Functions on Intel Motherboard Processors

6 LGA Socket Functions on Intel Motherboard Processors

1. Easy to disassemble

The creation of this LGA socket is to make it easier for the user to uninstall the processor. That way, if you want to upgrade the processor or replace the new processor, then it is easier to do so using this type of LGA socket.

Let’s take a look at the Intel Core i3 series 3240 type processor. The type of processor can be updated to a higher type intel Core i7 series 2600 on motherboards that use socket type LGA 1155. This is because both have similar types of specifications.

2. Custom made for PC type

This LGA socket can only be found on pc type computers only. this is because PCs are upgraded more often than some of their computer components compared to other devices such as laptops. as mentioned earlier that this type of LGA socket is designed to be disassembled so that you will be made easy in updating.

For example, it is on the LGA socket series 775. This type of LGA 775 can sometimes be referred to as Socket T. This type of socket is also often referred to as the CPU king at the time. The slogan “Intel Inside” was acquired after intel issued this type of Socket LGA series 775.

3. Prevent pin faults from occurring

Inside a processor, there are several pins that are data flow paths from the processor to other parts of the component. if this pin is broken or missing one of its components, then the data stream is either failed or failed. Well, by using this type of LGA socket, then the fault on the pin will be difficult because it has been protected with part of the socket.

An easy example can be seen in LGA type 775. In this section of LGA type 775, there is a socket section that serves to dampen the processor so that there is no fault in the pin.

4. Can support the use of certain RAM

You need to understand if the computer’s ram-type varies in shape. Starting from the same size as the processor and some have a larger or smaller size. With this LGA, RAM with a certain capacity can be installed easily. For example, in LGA type 1366. In the LGA Socket, the DDR3 RAM type can be installed properly.

5. Used in certain processor types

As mentioned earlier if intel processors have issued various series. with many series that have been launched, among others have different sizes, or have special sizes for specific purposes. LGA sockets produced are also made based on certain types of processors for maximum performance. For example, we can see in LGA type 1150. This type of socket only supports the Haswell and Broadwell processor series. That’s because LGA 1150 has 1,150 pins.

6. Prevents processor movement when used

Have you ever imagined when a processor was just pasted without a buffer? Of course, someday the processor will be easy to remove if it is just pasted. Therefore, create an LGA socket. in the absence of this type of socket, the processor will not be easily shifted.

For example, you can see all kinds of LGA sockets that are circulating on the market. All current snobs have applied certain models so that the installed processor is not easily loose and can last as long as possible.

That’s the 6 LGA socket functions on the intel processor that you need to know. From some of the above explanations, we can deduce that sockets in Intel processors are made based on different functions. It is intended for the processor to work maximum and can support other additional components such as RAM.

If you plan to replace the processor or replace the socket make sure you already understand the types of intel motherboards that are on the market today. in addition, you should also know the kinds of intel processors by checking the references that have been trusted. If you plan to buy a new motherboard to support activities or gameplay, you can try searching for cheap gaming motherboard price lists at various sources, whether it’s an online version or coming directly to the computer store. Hopefully, this article can be useful.