How Migrate AAPanel using One-Click Migration API version 3.0

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This plug-in is only used to migrate the current machine data, and the data receiver does not need to install this plug-in.


The current tutorial only applies to the ” One-Key Migration API Version ” plug-in, version =>3.0 and using aapanel.
It is recommended that the migration panel version >= 6.9.5. Some data may not be successfully migrated in the migration of the lower version.
Panel version 5.9 uses this migration, which only supports migration of current website data to version 6.x, and does not support migration from 5.x to 5.x.
Cross-system platform migration is not supported, such as Linux migration to Windows, or Windows migration to Linux, is not supported.


Keyword description:

Sending data server: the server that currently needs to perform data migration, other names: the migration server.
Receiving data server: the server currently used to receive data, other names: migration server.
API key: the external call interface provided by the panel.
API key IP whitelist: used to authorize the specified IP to use the panel API key.

How Migrate AAPanel using One Click Migration API version 3.0

Fill in the one-click migration configuration information. It must be emphasized here to receive server information, receive server information, and receive server information (the important things are said three times).

Target panel address:

Panel address includes protocol + host IP address + panel port
For example:

Target panel API key:

To obtain the API key, you need to log in to the receiving data panel and open the API interface (please ignore the opened ones). The interface key in the fourth step is the API key. Copy and paste it into the one-click migration information > API key. , As shown in the figure:

How Migrate AAPanel using One Click Migration API version 3.0 1

Note: The API interface key is randomly generated. Please do not click the reset button at will. After clicking the reset, the previously generated key will become invalid. The API key required for migration must be added again. Please be aware.

Add the target panel API key IP whitelist:

To add an IP whitelist, you need to add the current local IP address (the sending data server IP) to the IP whitelist under the API key.

Note: After data analysis, some users did not add the IP whitelist in the API configuration, which resulted in the inability to migrate and prompts that the target panel could not be connected.

After filling in the above information and confirming that the information is correct, click Next. For the rest of the operation, no external parameters are required. Please select the site, database, and FTP to migrate according to your personal needs. If you encounter other problems, please contact the pagoda Operation and maintenance help.