How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel

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How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel – In today’s tip I will demonstrate how to use the Excel checkbox control. The checkbox allows you to enable and disable a value, this object can be used for several spreadsheet templates.

We can have in the same worksheet several checkboxes, which can be selected at the same time.

How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel


To better understand how to apply this object, we use the example below:

In this example, we will calculate the amount to be paid by adding a freight value, every time we select the checkbox.

To enter the checkbox and other controls, you must first enable the Developer tab.

To do this, click the File tab and click Options.

Click Customize Ribbon.

Select the Developer tab.

Click Ok.

Let’s now enter the checkbox.

Click the Developer tab.

Click the Insert button.

Click the checkbox.

Click and drag to draw the object on the worksheet.

Right-click the check box.

Click edit text.

Change the text to Freight.

Now we need to configure the checkbox.

Right-click the box again and click Format Control.

In the next window, we must configure a cell link for the object, in this example, I will choose cell A1.

Note: This cell cannot be used for another process, it should be limited only to the selection box link.

Click Ok.

The box is configured, select the check box, the cell TRUE will appear in cell A1.

Unchecked appears FALSE.


Now we need to calculate the amount to pay with freight or not.

For this, we will use the If function since the value will change according to the selection box.

Click cell F7.

Enter the formula: = SE (A1 = TRUE, F6 + 40, F6)

Explaining the formula:

If the link cell of the checkbox ( A1 ) is equal to True then add to Subtotal ( F6 ) forty reais; otherwise, return only the subtotal ( F6 ).

Note: When the link cell of the box displays True, it indicates that it is selected, ie the sale will have freight.

See the box is selected and was added forty reais to the amount payable.

With the box cleared, the payable value returns only the subtotal.

Until the next tip.