How to Increase VRAM Intel HD 520 Using PHDGD Driver

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Good friends, because Facebook has many requests to get more VRAM, so I want to share it for free. We use this software made by IntelliModder called PGHGD to force the Vram capacity to come out and be used while playing games. Of course, with increasing vram, playing games will feel smoother, and I have proven that.

How to Increase VRAM Intel HD 520 Using PHDGD Driver

This is the first version of VRAM that I will share, and this software-based method is very safe to use because it has not been contaminated with Bios. For the following method, for example, if you haven’t succeeded, I will share the way with Flash bios.

Some Advantages of using PHDGD:

  • Adding Laptop VRAM.
  • Safe to use because you don’t have to set the bios
  • An effective way, install software – done

The Disadvantages:

  • The addition of VRAM, however, is random. This means that we cannot request how much vram we want to add; a little or a lot is arbitrary depending on our laptop/pc.
  • The possibility of success depends on the laptop because, to be honest, my Sony Vaio laptop can’t add VRAM this way; I use the flash bios setting method.
The requirement for using this software is that your laptop/PC has VGA Onboard, aka Intel HD; whether you want Intel HD Graphic or GMA, it’s up to you. It can’t be dual VGA, and it can’t be Nvidia GeForce or AMD.
How to find out the Intel HD Graphic/GMA VGA type:
First, go to the Desktop – right-click (Screen Resolution) – Advanced; it will appear as below; my example is using Intel HD Graphic 3000.
Immediately download the PHDGD software via the link below, and don’t forget to adjust the software to your laptop’s operating system.

Tutorial on How to Use PHDGD:

  1. Extract the file that was downloaded earlier
  2. Open the folder, then setup, select yes
  3. Next, continue until the process
  4. Please wait for it to finish, then restart your PC. And see the result.
As I said earlier, this method is not entirely successful, but many friends have proven it, and the results are successful; of course, some don’t.