How to Control a llama in Minecraft

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Hi everyone, today’s topic is the Minecraft llama. In this post, you will know all the details about this game animal. Ready?

Added in the version of Minecraft 1.11, the llamas are peaceful mobs in which you can tame and equip them with some items like chest and rugs.

How to Control a llama in Minecraft


Where to find

The llamas are commonly found in the hills and savannas of Minecraft, their appearance will be defined according to the biome where they were located.



These animals can appear in four different colors being Brown, Cream, White, and Gray.


How to Tame the Minecraft llama

Llamas are tamed in a very similar way to horses. To do this, right-click on the animal’s back and try to stay on top of it. It will take a few tries before you can remain mounted. It is worth remembering that even if you are tamed you will not be able to guide the llama during a cavalcade. The best way to drive them is by using a rope. That way, the llamas that are around will also follow you, forming a caravan of a maximum of ten animals.



Only tamed llamas can reproduce. To do this, offer the couple bales of wheat. The puppy will be born with the appearance of one of the parents.



You can equip the llama with chests and colored rugs, each color will result in a different kind of print. Some are pretty cute and add in addition to the rug, scarves, and glasses. I have separated my favorites for you to check below.

How to Control a llama in Minecraft


Provided Items

When slaughtering them the llamas can supply from 1 to 2 types of leather


Usefulness of Items

With the leather obtained from the Lhama, it is possible to create all the pieces of a leather armor, item frame and also a book. See the picture of the recipes for these items.