How to Connect USB Headphones to Playstation 2

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Nowadays, a USB headset is practically a necessary accessory for gaming, and gaming on a Playstation 2 is no exception. Many games employ interactive features such as voice recognition and VoIP that allow you to add your voice to games, communicate with opposing players for “small talk,” and collaborate with a team of other players online. USB headphones let you interact with the game, leaving your hands free to work on the remote. Whether it’s Mortal Combat, Socom 3, Call of Duty, Madden NFL 6, Karaoke Revolution Party, or dozens of other compatible games, you can enhance the gaming experience with a USB headset

How to Connect USB Headphones to Playstation 2

Things you need

  • Playstation 2
  • Headset USB

Instructions How to Connect USB Headphones to Playstation 2

Connect and use a USB headset

  1. Connect the USB cable on the headset you choose to your Playstation 2 USB port, which is located in the lower left corner of the base unit, underneath the remote controller port. No additional setup is required as the unit will automatically recognize the headset.
  2. Make sure you have a cable or DSL Internet connection. It is unlikely that the USB headset will work while playing online if you only have a dial-up connection.
  3. Check all firewall protections associated with your wireless router, if you use one. The router must allow this range of ports: UDP ports 6000-7000. In addition, an online game host must adjust their firewall to this port range so that others can use their headphones to join the online game session.

Find the Right USB Headset for Gaming

  1. Buy a headset with a long cord that measures at least 8 meters in length. This will allow you to sit farther away from the Playstation 2 unit when needed and give you more freedom of movement while you’re playing.
  2. Shop for a headset with a noise-canceling feature to block the room from ambient sounds. Playstation 2 gaming audio is carefully designed to create a unique sensory experience and transport you into the gaming world. It is, therefore, want to hear the audio as best as possible.
  3. Make sure your headset has volume controls and an easily accessible mute button. You don’t want to have to take your headphones off every time you need to adjust these controls. You should also look for a headset with a microphone that twists out of the way so it won’t bother you when you’re not using it.