How to Record on Snapchat without Holding the Button Android

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How to Record on Snapchat without Holding the Button Android – We have the solution you need to overcome one of the most significant limitations of Snapchat-with it, you will be able to record the snaps without hitting the camera button.

Want to circumvent the main restriction of Snapchat that makes you keep your finger on the phone screen to snap?

How to Record on Snapchat without Holding the Button Android

We have a cover.

Just follow this surprisingly simple guide, and you will be free to use your hands to attack still bad poses of Selfie.


How to go Handsfree on Snapchat on iPhone

The iPhone trick depends on an accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch:

  1. First, Open the Settings app and go to General
  2. A continuation, pulse accessibility and go to AssistiveTouch
  3. Turn on AssistiveTouch, and then create a new gesture
  4. In the new gesture panel, please press and hold with one finger in the center of the screen to let it grab your touch (the blue bar at the bottom will fill when done)
  5. Save gesture

Then open Snapchat and tap the small gray dot on the screen.

  1. A continuation, press customize and select the gesture you just saved
  2. Now, the gray dot will appear. Drag it down on the Snapchat registration button and go permission
  3. The application will keep recording, and your hands will be free in style.

Note that the gestures only if they can set to last 8 seconds, so in you will have the full video length of Snapchat 10 seconds with this solution.

And if you want to abandon the small gray dot, seek to turn it off to the settings and Assistivetouch.


How to get hands-free on Snapchat on Android

Android does not have an AssistiveTouch mechanism, so we will have to be a little creative:

  1. First of all, find an elastic band (we’re not joking-get to it)
  2. Then wrap it around the top volume button on your Android phone, which will prompt the device to start recording
  3. Make sure that the elastic does not wrap around the lock button or hide the camera from your phone
  4. Open Snapchat
  5. With the rubber band pressing down the volume up button, the recording should begin automatically
  6. Best of all, the video should last the full 10 seconds.

And all the time, you can do whatever you want with your hands.