How to Use VPN with Netflix in 3 Simple Steps

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If you want to use a VPN with Netflix, know that it is not enough to choose any service. The platform has strong VPN policies and has blocked several applications and software of its kind. This decision causes you to be prevented from accessing content restricted to other countries, in addition to making anonymous browsing difficult, which leaves your data vulnerable.

How to Use VPN with Netflix in 3 Simple Steps

Despite these barriers, your data does not need to be exposed against your will and you also do not need to stop accessing the titles you want. Read on to find out how to use VPN with Netflix and what are its advantages:

How to use VPN with Netflix

1.Choose the best VPN for Netflix

Stay tuned: Netflix is constantly blocking new VPNs from accessing its servers. Some of the currently blocked ones are IPVanish, IronSocket, Unblock-Us, HideIPVPN, Overplay, Blockless, Hotspot Shield, CactusVPN, GetFlix, and Opera VPN. Over time, other names may enter the list, so you may need to test some services until you find one that works.

2.Install and configure the chosen VPN 

Now just install and configure the new country correctly. In general, these two processes are usually quite intuitive, but if you have any questions, you can count on specialized online forums and tutorials to understand what to do with the chosen VPN service.

Remember: do not download the VPN from any website. Choose to download it from Microsoft Store, App Store, Google Play or other trusted sources to avoid exposing your device to malware.

3.Test whether your VPN is working 

If you also want to take advantage of other advantages of using a VPN, such as anonymous browsing, it is important that you do tests before using the internet.

On the Browser Leaks website, you can check whether your real address is leaking and whether the country you chose to become your new location is being sent correctly to the server.

If your real IP address appears in the test, turn off the VPN, review the settings and try again.

Advantages of using VPN with Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix does not make all titles available to users in all countries. This is due to display licenses, which limit the locations where each can be displayed. For this reason, several series, documentaries, and films are successful abroad, but they are not enough to become popular in Brazil, despite having so many people interested in watching them.

With VPN, it is possible to circumvent this block by location. The service allows you to connect to the internet privately and anonymously, masking your real IP address to appear to be from another random country or of your choice.

Now that you know how to use VPN with Netflix, take advantage of this service and enjoy the foreign series you like best, without borders.